So what do we do now? There is still no definitive end in sight to the COVID-19 situation. No deadlines we can unequivocally strive to meet; no light at the end of the tunnel; just more cancellations and new cases each day.

We read about the hope of vaccines as well as the numbers of new deaths, then we turn and hear of unselfish deeds by people helping each other in their time of need.

When life seems to spiral downward, we often go down with it, giving in to its pressures. Another choice is to pick ourselves up and choose to rise above it. I am a firm believer that there is good in everyone and in every situation if we can make the effort to look for it. Our current situation has taught us all the value of family and close friends as a gateway to what really matters at the end of the day. To look beyond many of the material things we’ve learned to currently live without. The entire experience of the past several months will live with us for the remainder of our lifetimes. What we do with that experience and the lessons we’ve learned is up to us.

I choose to look at a future of hope. I am a person who thrives on travel and all the experiences and memories it creates. True, I cannot physically go to many of the places I would like to currently, and still feel safe. But now, after months of dreaming about where I want to go, I realize that what I need most is a jolt out of the dream-state and into the planning-stage. I need a COVID BOOST. As I start actually planning my next trip(s), I realize I’m finding my personal adrenaline source.

While researching my intended destinations, I see that many of them are already being booked for next year due to so many peoples plans being postponed from this year. There are also many new regulations being implemented, leading to more occupancy restrictions at many properties. Cancellation and refund policies are also gaining renewed importance to make sure everyone is covered for any unexpected delays or problems.

I am now, not just creating my own adventures in my mind, but planning them in detail. I envision myself in locations and activities that have come to the top of my mindset, while also leaving room for those spontaneous adventures that may present themselves along the way. As we have all learned of late, even the best-laid plans can run amuck from unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Just think how much more beautiful and awe-inspiring those places will now be when we’ve waited that much longer to get there? If things come too easily they’re often not appreciated nearly as much. So yes, I’m planning now, including safety valves, but I’m also choosing to stay open to change and viewing any alterations as positive opportunities. My travel goals are gaining life and strength of conviction as I build on my newly gained destination knowledge.

The extent and direction of planning is an individual choice of course. The object is to find a goal that is important to work toward, something that makes one smile when looking toward the future, a direction instead of an unending cycle, a COVID BOOST in the midst of a crisis.

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