Dream Travel in the Days of COVID-19

     In the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, travel might seem impossible. This is a situation none of us would have even fathomed a couple of months ago. When things start to go negative, the way to balance is toward the positive. What better way to go positive than to dream a little?

     Think about somewhere you would like to go – anyplace, do not limit yourself. You’re daydreaming now, so let your imagination be your guide. Is there a place you’ve always desired to go and never revealed to anyone? Perhaps it’s a place you’ve heard about your entire life and has always peaked your curiosity. Perhaps it’s a place of interest you just want to know more about. Maybe you think about the natural world with its increasing changes, and there’s one particular place you’d like to see while you still can.

     Start by taking note of some of your ideas. Share them if you like, or not. Start writing things down, when you wake in the morning, or anytime you think of it. Call it journaling if you wish, or don’t use a term at all, it’s just something fun to do. As you find yourself with extra time now, why not use it for something fun and positive to thing about? It doesn’t need to be places or people, just positive thoughts.

     Once you start taking note of your thoughts and dreams, you might start to recognize a pattern. Perhaps everything leans in a certain direction. Maybe you like to cook and you’d really like to see how the Italians cook such great food with such simple ingredients. Perhaps you’ve always had an interest in hippos and wonder what it would be like to see them in the wild. Maybe you’ve always had a curiosity about the Aborigines and how they’ve managed to be the longest continuous group of people on the planet, even while recently facing adversity. 

     The possibilities are as endless as the imagination. Patterns may emerge and they may not, but dreaming about things that bring a smile to your face, especially in these trying times, is always a good thing.

     Next, start reading or checking online about some of your ideas. Don’t worry if they may seem a bit crazy at first, it’s your crazy and that’s fine – it’s your story. Your internet search doesn’t even have to be for any particular place or thing, just look for anything that interests you. You may notice that some places and ideas will stand out as being particularly interesting. Make note of these. Save your searches. Create a file online or at home with what you find. The search can be as exciting as the destination.

     Once you have some ideas gathered, contact me and let’s put out heads together to see if things fit into any sort of destination, be it a place or activity that could eventually help you meet your goals. Don’t worry if they seem lofty or unattainable, they’re dreams at this point and something to look forward to – hope for a brighter future. You may never get to fulfill them. Then again, you might...

(written April 2020)

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