Centre Charlemagne


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Centre Charlemagne

The Centre Charlemagne is the new city museum in the heart of the former borough Charles the Great. Here the history of city comes to life and presents the time Aachen becoming the centre of the Franconia Empire. Apart from that, the Centre Charlemagne is the starting point and interface of the Route Charlemagne that connects all the important places to a walk through the city.

Do & See

Most of the sights you are going to visit in Aachen are parts of the monuments that Charles the Great once created magnificently. Still there is a unique museum culture attracting multinational artists and a vivid theatre performing classical plays and contemporary interpretations as well as operas. Special about Aachen is also the traditional Christmas Market in December. Then the squares around the cathedral are full of different brilliant wooden houses where you can buy presents, food, Printen and certainly glühwein.